3 Tips to Be a Better Lacrosse Player

Fitness plays a vital role in the success of the game of lacrosse. One must have speed, endurance, and maximum strength to be able to compete at the highest level. Here are the top three training routines to make you a better player.

Distance running.

Lacrosse is a game that involves a lot of running and you better get prepared for constant runs. You should aim at being in the right shape when the season starts. The kind of running you should do is not to prepare you for a marathon competition. It running t simply improve your cardio fitness. You should try running at least 3 times a week. The first two weeks you should at least run 1.5 miles every time you go to a truck and then do some 100-meter sprints. This will gradually get your legs in shape and give you ample time to recover and prevent any sort of injury.

After doing this a couple of times, you will realize that the 1.5 mile feels easy. You can now stretch to 3 miles each time out. This kind of distance will be able to keep you in shape.


This is a game that improves your first-step speed, ability to back peddle and lateral movements. The intensity involved in jumping, quick bursts and sprinting greatly increases your endurance and strength of the legs. there are those who go for jumping and hooping as it stimulates the kind of exercise suitable for this sport. Basketball also improves your mental shape. That is exactly what is normally required for one to be a top lacrosse player – read article on lacrosse match or game.

Strength building.

Physical strength is required for one to be a successful lacrosse player. This is a very physical sport and if you get pushed easily you will not be successful at all. You need to be strong enough to give and take a hit and to run through stick checks.

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